Working with our local politicians and coordinating support for the campaigning actions of the Foundation Organisations, so that when an issue arises that cannot be handled within the community, we can join together as one strong voice

In September 2020, Macquarie Action Group organised the unique forum (in line with GetUp’s Community-Led Clean Recovery campaign) that was held with representatives from other like-minded groups in the Blue Mountains area and our three local politicians.

Susan Templeman (Federal MP), Trisha Doyle (State MP), and Mayor Mark Greenhill were invited and all attended with enthusiasm. This forum strengthened the ties with our political representatives, and with the large number of local progressive and environmental groups that has now become Resilient Blue Mountains.

The GetUp Macquarie Action Group (MAG) is one of the foundation organisations of Resilient Blue Mountains (RBM) and forms the core of the Campaigning Working Group. Visit our Facebook page:

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