Zero Carbon Living

Working together to reduce our community carbon footprint.

The Zero Carbon Living Working Group is focusing on what is happening in relation to reducing energy consumption by households and businesses.  Data sources need to be identified, providers of information on reducing energy and living sustainably also need to be identified and we hope to make information and help more readily available.  

We acknowledge the wonderful work being done by Blue Mountains based ‘Low Carbon Living’ and are proud to have them involved in the RBM community.

A great place to get started on you Zero Carbon journey is to understand what your carbon footprint is today and to understand what you can do to effect change. The ‘Low Carbon Living’ calculator, developed locally in the Blue Mountains is an easy way to get started, it helps you to calculate your footprint and gives you useful suggestions that for simple changes you can make as well as the option to offset your carbon through an accredit carbon offset scheme.

We’d love to hear about your calculated carbon footprint, how did you calculate it? What was your experience? Did it encourage you to make change? Let us know.

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