Help Our Kids Climb the Climate Action Mountain

The challenge ahead for our children

At 16 months old, Shay is ready to climb any mountain, safe in the knowledge that Mum or Dad or some other good big person is hovering close by, in case she needs help, gets stuck, or hurts herself. She knows she’s not doing it alone.

​Around the world, our children are calling on us to wake up, get up and face the challenge to take real action, big or small, on climate. Australia is still not doing it. Time is running out. We need everybody.

Send your message of support

We are all doing something to fight for a better future for the children of our planet, and we can all do more.

Send a message of support to the children of our community by telling us about your own personal Climate Action. What is something you are doing that you’re proud of and something you know you need to do better.

Send us a photo of your action and see what others are doing here, we’ll keep this site updated with the photos and stories we receive.

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