Our community in (climate) action

All around the world communities are coming together to build and fight for a sustainable and resilient future for our children. Here in the Blue Mountains we are a community who are passionately devoted to this cause.

We put out a call to our community to find out what climate action people are taking that they are proud of and what they feel they could do better with, these are the stories that have been shared so far.

We’d love to hear your story too.

Rebecca Huntley

What climate action are you taking that you are proud of? I am diligent about offsetting the emissions from my car, next car will be electric, lots of public transport and walking and always offset flights. Decarbonising our transport is key! What do you wish you were doing better? Very

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Bianca Nogrady

What climate action are you taking that you are proud of? I’m using my skills as a science journalist to communicate the urgency of the climate emergency, to explore solutions to the carbon problem, and to paint a positive picture of what a carbon-zero world looks like and how we

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Ketan Joshi

I really wanted a nice selfie on my beloved bike but the chain fell off last Friday so a walking selfie is kinda boring. However, I was really proud of continuing to cycle through the depths of winter here in Oslo. It was a learning curve – my bike lock

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Lesley Christen

Lesley has been using her plastic drink flask and straw for her daily iced coffee, for over a year. Alan’s proud that he rescued the flask from the bin when a carer threw it out – and wrote “KEEP” on it!

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Lyn Sinclair – GetUp Macquarie Action Group (MAG)

One thing I’ve done is installing solar panels on my roof. Anything to hasten the fast transition away from fossil fuels. We all need to do better on Climate Change Actions! We can support local groups taking action or environment groups, make sure our vote counts in every election at

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Anne O’Brien – RBM Anchor Group

What I am proud of: I have found my Climate Emergency voice and become active in raising awareness of the crisis we face. I wave banners, attend rallies and have uncomfortable conversations with friends. This is me doing at Mechanics Institute Lawson doing banner waving Covid style… What I wish

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Anne Fitzgerald – RBM Burning Action Working Group

What climate action are you taking that you are proud of? I have decided that 2021 is my very own International Year of the Outcome. So everyday I work on Climate Action – either recovery or prevention or both. This week’s activities so far include working on a micro-action supporting

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Ondine Evans

What climate action are you taking that you’re proud of? My son is engaged and interested in the bush. He participates in bush care, bush walking and permaculture. The photo I am sharing is by my son on a solo bushwalk. What do you know you need to do better?

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Leidy Cabrera

What climate action are you taking that you are proud of? I stopped buying plastic bags every time that I went to the supermarket. I teach kids why is so important to recycle and take care of our natural places. What do you know you need to do better? Be

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Serena Joyner – RBM Coordinator

What climate action are you taking that you are proud of? Our family made the decision earlier this year to stop eating meat and dairy products. We support regenerative farming also, but the opportunity to significantly cut our household emissions by switching to a plant-based diet was too good to

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