Blue Mountains Sustainability Festival

A sustainability festival to connect, celebrate, role model and showcase our community’s remarkable strength in sustainable practice.

Imagine a Blue Mountains which builds on its strengths, is known as the leader, and as the pre-eminant place to go to learn and practice sustainability in Australia. A place where our people, organisations, businesses, environment, and economy are aligned and thriving;  where we can live and act on our sustainable values because these behaviours are convenient and accesible; a place that is a role model for other communities all over Australia in making a difference.

The Blue Mountains Sustainability Festival is a community led Blue Mountains festival designed to catalyse this vision. Its purpose is to build on, join-up, and galvanise our remarkable local strengths in sustainable assets (people, community, organisations, services, businesses, best practice, policy). In doing so it will show case and position the Blue Mountains as the NSW sustainability hub and sustainable shopping mecca – a go-to place and role model for sustainable retail, services, education, and best practice – thereby enabling enduring positive change in sustainable action, practice, and mainstream consumer behaviours both locally and further afield.

Importantly, it is specifically designed to facilitate Blue Mountains community participation and empowerment by fostering involvement, building new relationships, educating, sharing learnings, and fostering collaboration across many disparate actors and inciting further sustainable innovation and action.

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