Are WE okay?

Today is the 62nd day of the Greater Sydney lockdown. It’s dragging on with no clear end in sight. The messages we are hearing from our state leaders is confused, complex and often seeks to shift blame onto individuals and communities. It reinforces that we really aren’t all in this together.

People are telling me they are feeling fatigued, lacking in motivation and becoming forgetful. Parents of school aged children are feeling the strain of the remote schooling juggle while also worrying about their children’s mental health. While zoom offers us precious connection to others, it is also exhausting in it’s own way, and we are right to put limits on how much we use it.

I attended a webinar this week about ‘Protecting our mental health’ where Prof. Ian Hickie spoke about the impacts to our collective mental health (he used a great term – our ‘mental wealth’). One of the key messages I heard from this event was that it’s crucial to recognise that we are all feeling these imacts. They are real and normal. Asking “R U OK” is important, but equally as important is asking “Are WE OK?”

I also met a kind person this week who shared with me this wonderful resource – the Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook. It is full of excellent suggestions, links and resources and I recommend it to you. If you want to share it please go ahead – either send it on directly or share this webpage.

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook
PDF, 563KB

Resilient Blue Mountains is planning some zoom events soon to connect us remotely – there will be talks, workshops and some things just for fun. To stay in touch with our events, sign up here.

And take care 🙂

Serena Joyner

Group Coordinator, Resilient Blue Mountains

The the Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook is published free of copyright by The Wellness Society Supported by Jamma International

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